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Recovered Essence
How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child
Christine A. Wilson

Love provides the soul with security and guides our humanity. Our very essence was created for love to support the maturing of our true identity. Without realizing hidden facets of love, we rely on substitutes to cope and find value. Those unstable foundations hinder us from being the person we were created to be.
Christine’s story reveals how some of us may disconnect from our true essence in order survive the effects of the past. Our own unfinished issues may lead us to toxic relationships in the search to reclaim perfect love.
No person plans to enter a toxic relationship but things have a way of coming to the surface for a good reason—to fully heal us. After wrestling most of her life with mistaken value, Christine allows her surrendering will to be guided by the true Shepherd of her soul. While facing painful deception head on and exchanging it with perfect love, her new truth allows a hidden promise to be unveiled. The miraculous is fulfilled while becoming fully engaged in her true, recovered essence.
Alongside her story, Christine provides essential insights which inspire and teach us the process of renewing our minds, restoring what was lost. The goal: To recover our essence by the love from the One who created it.
• Great book for a book club or bible study.
• A great accompaniment for speaking engagements
• A great resource for Women’s shelters or Addiction recovery services
• When the book accompanies The Recovered Essence Program ©, it becomes a more intensive and effective approach to inner healing, self-discovery and personal growth

• Anyone who enjoys true stories, self- help or inspiration
• Those wanting insights on codependency dysfunctional relationships
• Those interested in mental health, emotional healing and authenticity
• For the person who desires a closer relationship with God

Christine A. Wilson is a Certified Life Coach, writer, speaker, and co-owner with her husband at Wilson Wellness Counseling, Coaching and Consulting. She has certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence and is the founder of the Recovered Essence Program©. Her life experience, empathy and passion equips her to inspire and empower people to attain their best possible life and relationships with effective tools to live and love within their true essence.




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