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Developing  people skills to maximize individual, family, team and organizational potential!

We have a passion to help people heal, improve their relationships, and maximize their individual, family, team and organizational potential. As your partners (counselor, coach, consultant) we will support you in gaining understanding, growing, building skills and taking actions to reach your goals and objectives.

In the Office, Online and Onsite

We are currently offering Relationship Boot Camp. This is an in-person workshop focusing on:

  • Relationship growth through healthy communications
  • Attention to thoughts, behaviors and emotions
  • Determining what is and is not within your control
  • Incorporating your core beliefs and values.
Number of participants: 10-12 (the workshop will start when at least 8 participants are signed up). Schedule: one evening per week for 90 minutes. Duration: 6 weeks. Cost: $200/person, Couples $300 (includes all materials)
Relationship Boot Camp is designed for people who want to build interpersonal skills to use in current relationships and those preparing for success in future relationships. Some Biblical references are included. Indicate your interest for Relationship Boot Camp by sending an email with your name, email & phone number to info@wilsonwellnesscounseling.com A brief overview of the material will be sent to you.

Counseling (including secure online telehealth)
Do you struggle with life transitions, unsatisfactory relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction or self-defeating behaviors? Have you experienced loss or trauma? Are you "stuck" in life? Is the past keeping you from enjoying the present; the present keeping you from moving toward the future? These are all common areas of human challenge where healing and growth can be achieved.

Do you want to maximize your potential, unlock what is blocking you, experience meaningful success in areas you are passionate about? We will work with you to set effective goals that will move your dreams toward reality.

Does your organization need improved Teamwork, Productivity, Processes, People Systems, Problem Solving, Change Management, or Leadership Development? We will create targeted sessions to facilitate Team Building and Communications improvements, Personal and Professional Development and other improvement opportunities. Contact us to partner with you in designing and implementing your individual and organizational goals and objectives.

What are clients are saying?

"Our team found Mr. Wilson's workshop to be enlightening and informative, and the understanding we gained of our own personality types and how we can leverage them to work most effectively in a team setting has changed our interactions with each other in a positive way. The workshop was the highlight of our staff retreat, and we highly recommend Mr. Wilson's services to anyone looking to strengthen communication and improve relationships among staff -- this is the first time we've done a team-building activity that was universally loved by everyone in the department!" Interlochen Center for the Arts

"We had such a great time at your class – the information was not only relevant, but also practical.  The attendees found ways to incorporate  bits and pieces of what they learned right away." State of Michigan CSC & FS Management Teams


You will be most satisfied when you find, develop and actualize your natural talents and abilities. Malcolm Wilson