Consulting: Developing Organizations, Teams and People

MBTI® Workshops Focus on Team Building & Leadership Development for All Team Members

  • MBTI® Type & Team Building – optimize individual and team performance
  • MBTI® Type & Communication – differences of the 8 MBTI preferences
  • MBTI® Type & Conflict Management – learn a type related model for use in conflict and non-conflict situations
  • MBTI® Workshops and Curriculum Tailored to Your Organizational Needs – based on your specific areas of opportunity
“Our team found Mr. Wilson’s workshop to be enlightening and informative, and the understanding we gained of our own personality types and how we can leverage them to work most effectively in a team setting has changed our interactions with each other in a positive way. The workshop was the highlight of our staff retreat, and we highly recommend Mr. Wilson’s services to anyone looking to strengthen communication and improve relationships among staff — this is the first time we’ve done a team-building activity that was universally loved by everyone in the department!” Interlochen Center for the Arts

Organizational Change ◊ Change Management ◊ Team Building ◊ Personal and Professional Development

  • Optimize individual and team performance
  • Improve communications
  • Improve relationships

    "The gold standard in personality assessment"

    “The gold standard in personality assessment”

  • Improve processes
  • Reduce conflict

MBTI® Learn about your personality

  • What gives you energy
  • How you prefer to take in information
  • How you prefer to make decisions
  • Your communication style
  • Your leadership style
  • Your conflict style
  • The impact of stress on you
  • How you naturally approach change

As you learn these things about yourself you will see similarities and differences in others styles. This can help you improve communications, teamwork and relationships. You can learn how to work effectively with those who may address problems and decisions differently.

MBTI® can help you to increase insight and effectiveness in navigating work and personal relationships. It can help you to manage day to day conflicts and stresses from work and life more effectively.

As you learn more about your own personality style you can develop skills to connect with others personally and professionally.

Whether you are a high school student, a senior citizen or anywhere in between learning your personality style can be very exciting, insightful and practical because you can apply it in everyday life.

You can choose the basic assessment (linked below) or a more in depth assessment depending on your interests.

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