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"The gold standard in personality assessment"

“The gold standard in personality assessment”

Take the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) Step I assessment online right now!

Simply follow the instructions and link below:

Online Assessment Instructions

Please find a relaxing and quiet place to complete the assessment preferably during one setting and away from work. Many people ask if they should answer questions as their “work”, “home”, “community”, or “personal/true” self. This is a self-assessment. There are no “incorrect” answers. So, you should provide responses that will reflect how you function as your most natural self, when you have no obligations, not how you think you should function or would necessarily like to function or how others may think you should function.

You will receive:

  • Personal type report
  • A free consultation covering MBTI introduction & verifying your type
  • Your type specific characteristics
  • Opportunity to learn more about your type at home, at work, at play

All this for $69 payable by credit card prior to receiving your results.

Click to go to the assessment websitehttps://Elevate.themyersbriggs.com/Respondent/ReturningUser?tokenId=1730b51c-3362-ea11-a94c-000d3a3247d4

Enter your contact information e.g. email where requested. Upon completion of your MBTI® assessment you will receive an invoice by email for payment by credit card and then receive your results. Your contact email is required. You will be contacted to schedule a consultation. If you have questions or are interested in other MBTI® assessments contact Malcolm: malcolm@wilsonwellnesscounseling.com